2015 Senior Models Wanted | Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, Sandy and Estacada | Oregon Senior Photographer


K.Lindmeier Photography is now actively looking for several models to represent KLP’s high school senior rep program! This is always a fun time of year! So many things are changing for all of our juniors and why not support our students by offering them an opportunity to have their photos taken for free and to encourage them with fun, free product!

What is a Senior Model Program?

KLP’s model program is designed to promote K.Lindmeier Photography’s senior portrait business. Because advertising in schools is generally out of the question, we rely on students to promote business and as a thank you we encourage students with freebies and free sessions. KLP likes to give students a fantastic experience so that they’ll share their experience with their fellow students! Having a great time is priority!

What does a Senior Model for KLP receive?

-One free session with groups of reps from the same school. This session can last up to several hours.

-Hair and makeup is included. We want you to feel your best and we want to make sure you have a big smile for your session!

-Sessions are normally taken around your general school location and I always have an idea of where I want to shoot but I always like to talk with my models to see what they have in mind. After all, these sessions are really about the students!

-A disc of all edited, low res, watermarked images will be provided so you can share them on your FB, Pinterest and Instagram.

-Each model will receive a goodie bag with not so cheesy fun stuff!

What does a model get after their session?

-Each model representative will receive 40 watermarked wallets. These are designed as advertisements and are used to give out to other students looking for a senior photographer. You can always ask for more wallets if you need them.

-Each model representative will also receive one wallets size accordion book to show off to their friends! This book is especially cool because it will be yours to keep forever and you’ll look back at it one day and think, wow! I can’t believe how time has changed!

-You’ll also receive a disc of low res images from your session. These images will be watermarked and are designed for you to share on any social media! There are usually about 15+ images on this disc too!

What can I earn for recommending K.Lindmeier Photography to other students?
-First recommendation, receive $20 cash!
-Second recommendation, receive $20 cash! 
-Third recommendation, you’ll receive $100 in print credit from your session!
-Fourth and Fifth recommendation, receive another $20 per each recommendation.
-Sixth recommendation, you’ll receive $100 in cash!
-With you seventh recommendation, you’ll receive a 20×24 canvas!
-With your eighth and ninth recommendation, you’ll receive another $20 per each recommendation!
-When you’ve reached your 10th referral, you’ll receive all edited images plus another $100 in print credit!
-Any other referrals after that, you’ll earn $20 in cash for each referral!
How to apply to be a model for K.Lindmeier Photography?

First, LIKE K.Lindmeier Photography HERE, if you’re not already a fan.

Second, contact me through here with some information that I’ve listed below. It’s super easy!

-Name and what school you’re attending. Are you graduating in 2015?

-Please tell me a little about yourself. Anything you think I would like to know. Do you participate  in any activities  in school or your community?

-Why do you think you would be a great candidate for K.Lindmeier Photography’s 2015 model program?

Just some things to know………………………………………………………………………..Please read.
K.Lindmeier Photography is looking for models from Troutdale, Gresham, Fariview, Sandy and Estacada. Model must be graduating in 2015. KLP reserves the right to change school locations or to not use a school for representation at KLP’s discretion. A copyright and model release form must be signed by student and student’s guardian. Images absolutely, positively cannot be altered in any way! This is nonnegotiable and if this rule is ignored, KLP reserves the right to discontinue student model agreement. Furthermore, KLP reserves the right to take away any images and prize money that was earned before it is actually given away, if this rule is ignored. Only exception of this rule is Instagram. If image is placed in Instagram, KLP agrees to let model use Instagrams pre-edited filters.

Prom Shoot! | Reynolds High School | Oregon Senior Photographer


These four ladies are real troopers! We had planned on this group shot a week prior and the weather was supposed to be nice…but that was not the way our day turned out! It was rainy, cold and windy out! I actually had to chase one of the tree umbrellas I fortunately had in my trunk down the field. But they still look beautiful as ever! Even though we had to cut our session short, I still captured some great shots of these four ladies! Here is a little sneak for now:)